We recruit all types of professional, permanent and temporary  staff for our clients starting from office assistants  to CEOs. Our understanding of the Nigerian job market provides us with unique insights into innovative ideas that will solve their staffing problems.  To avail your self of this service please contact us.


Development of Business Structures


We help our clients set up business structures that will help stabilize their companies and improve organisational performance. This includes developing orgnaograms, job descriptions, pay structures, staff handbook, performance appraisal systems etc. We work with your vision, mission and business strategy to make our solutions uniquely yours. Please click here to discuss with us.




It pays to have someone to listen to your concerns and we do this beautifully because we genuinely care about you and your business. Our understanding of the environment provides us with the ability to empathise while finding sloutions that last. if you need a listening hear that comes with solutions call us.





We organise open training, retreats, employee orientation programs and in-house training for our clients. In fulfillment of our goal to help businesses grow our  training programs are designed in such a way that they address practical issues that SMEs face daily. Like you we have no time for theory. To participate in one of our programs contact us.


Other Practice Areas


We are firm believers in HR systems and workable organisational structures as the path to business growth and development and with that in mind we have developed services that are bespoke and tailored to your needs. We really do not believe that one size fits all.