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What language should i learn?

I'm American, know English no duh hebrew and tagalog. I want to know 1 more language, on that will be more useful. tagalog and hebrew wont be to much help due to the fact that israel and the philippines dont have the largest economy, and in the us both are somewhat scarcely known. SO any suggestions to pay people to do your homework help.

German language class B2?

CAn anybody tell me where i can book german class of level B2 for free booking in germany?

I want to practise oral english,if you are a person who mother language is english,you can feel free to? contact my and this is my MSN We can practise language with each other ,i can teach you chinese

Becoming Fluent in a language?

Hi there my name is Jason I am going to be moving to Antigua Guatemala nd living with a host family and taking 1 on 1 private spanish lessons for 6 hours per day plus the host family does not speak any english.How long estimate will it take for me to become fluent in spanish.By Fluent I Mean to be able to speak spanish with no difficulties at all and be able to understand most people with almost no difficulty

What foreign languages San beda College is teaching?

I would like to know what foreign languages San beda college is teaching specially if you are taking Business Administration major in Financial Management? How many foreign languages they were teaching in one homework answers free course? Thank you

Whats your mother language?

Do Foreign Language majors have trouble finding work after graduating?

I know times are tough and work is hard to find period, no matter what major pretty much.But is it a good percentage of students finding work after graduating finding work VS other majors?  Y'all know of any language immersion programs specializing in Hindi? I'm looking for the kind you actually travel to that country for a few weeks or months so you are surrounded by the language and culture as you go to a class for the language every day....

Does anyone know about any good summer language immersion programs in Italy?

I would like to do a summer program with an Italian university in order to get math homework help and learn fluent Italian. Preferably about a month. Any suggestions?

Where can I find a relatively inexpensive, yr round open enrollment, 6 month French language immersion program

I am looking for an adult French immersion program, with year round open enrollment, for 3 6 months, and preferably inexpensive. I am a woman traveler, so safety is also an issue. I am a US citizen and I am not opposed to immersion programs in the US. Does anyone know of a program that fits these requirements?

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