Since our inception, SENCE has been totally focused on building a strategic, quality consulting practice.

We are committed to helping SMEs succeed in a challenging and tasking environment by providing them with the support they need to survive and grow.


Our business strategy is 'friendly interaction' and 'convenience' because as challenging as doing business in Nigeria is, it is even more challenging for the small business owner who has difficulty finding the resources they need to succeed. Our role is to make it convenient for them to find solutions to their problems and provide a friendly shoulder to lean on, on their journey to success.


Our main area of expertise is HR consulting and over the years we have built a steady clientele of discerning SMEs. We understand the challenges of running a business in Nigeria and therefore offer solutions that are drawn from our experience and exposure.


We are very skilled in the following areas;


1. Outsourcing of HR staff/Temporary Staff

2. Developing HR structures

3. Recruitment of professional staff up to the CEO level.

4. Training

5. Staff and career counselling

6. Advisory


Why Choose SENCE


We have been involved in HR management collectively for over 25 years and have extensive experience dealing with small and medium sized businesses. Being a small business as well, we understand first hand the challenges and needs of a business such as yours and are therefore more equipped to proffer solutions which go to the root of your problems. 


Our background provides us with the unique opportunity to develop programs which are relevant and value adding for you. When it comes to strategic partnerships, we believe in taking the 'quality' approach as these partnerships enhance our ability to provide the products and services that enable you succeed  and help us ensure that our srvices remain both cutting edge and best in class.


Our core strength is our skilled workforce and experienced business partners. Our team has in-depth experience in developing strategies, structuring organisations and developing/administering training.


Having worked extensively with various clients since inception, we realize that there is a crucial need for Nigerian businesses to understand the core elements that drive their businesses and to aspire to reach greater heights. Reaching greater heights requires direction, unshakeable focus and a solid foundation. Basically, its a journey and we are offering to make this journey with you.

Ogo Ibok 
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Mrs ibok is the founder and CEO of SENCE. A lawyer and HR specialist with a passion for innovation  and SMEs.