What We Do Is Professional Service Made Convenient 


HR Concierge Service
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Career Counselling 
  • Recruitment

  • Development of business structures

  • Advisory

  • Training

  • Outsourcing  of administrative staff.

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Too small or not enough money to employ an experienced HR professional? No worries! Our HR Concierge service will take care of that!


Employee leave or sick days creating vacumns in your organisation? Our Temp service will ease your mind.


We offer bespoke and convenient Human Resource Management services to our clients because we understand what being a small business is all about. We listen to your needs and with the information we gather are able to deliver new and improved services that address those needs. At SENCE our HR Consultancy service  covers both employers of labour and the job seekers who come to us to assist with their employment needs. Nobody is left out! 


We are extremely responsive to our client's HR needs and are constantly reviewing our services to meet such needs, the following are our latest services.

The 'Concierge' Service was designed in response to the needs of our client to gain quality HR service that has been made affordable by its convenience. With our understanding of the constraints of our target clients with regards to funds and the size of their organisations, we developed a service that meets all your needs for quality HR  service in a convenient manner. To learn more click here.

At SENCE we conduct over 600 interviews a year which affords us the opportunity to interact with our 'job seeker' clients.  From our interactions we have identified a severe lack of direction as a  hindering factor for many of the young people we work with. To help address this, we have developed a career counselling program to help focus their minds. To learn more click here