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Our Services 

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Talent Acquisition

Our HR consultancy firm offers a comprehensive talent acquisition service that helps companies find and hire top talent. We use a variety of methods to source candidates, including online job boards, social media, and our extensive network of contacts.


Performance Management

We offer a comprehensive performance management service that can help you maximize the productivity and efficiency of your employees. Our service is designed to assist you in setting and achieving your performance goals by creating a structured process that aligns your  objectives with employee performance.


Compensation & Benefit

Our  compensation and benefits service helps you  attract, retain, and motivate your employees. The service is designed to assist you in designing and implementing compensation and benefits programs that are aligned with your  business goals and objectives. It includes developing pay structures,  and reward strategies 

Blue Personal Objects


HR Strategy 

SENCE offers a  strategic HR service that helps you develop a robust HR strategy that is aligned with your business objectives. Our service will help you in developing a people-centered approach that supports organisational goals, improves employee engagement, and drives overall business success.



SENCE is a dynamic business that provides comprehensive HR and customer support services for companies. Our team of experienced professionals will manage the entire process of taking care of your HR and customer support needs, ensuring that your organization remains competitive in the ever-changing market.


Staff Management

We offer a comprehensive staff management service. SENCE specializes in providing high-quality staff management services. From employee onboarding and ongoing training to performance evaluations and dispute resolution, we help businesses large and small maximize the productivity of their workforce.


Check back regularly for new downloadable HR forms and checklists

  1. Onboarding checklist (This helps you welcome new hires into your organisation)

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